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I am available to speak to your group, club or organization. Please CONTACT ME for scheduling and fees. Below, you will find some testimonials I have received regarding past engagements. Sue Bulanda

Left to right at the table: Cheryl Smith, Darlene Arden and
Sue Bulanda signing books at the AKC/Eukanuba Invitational
Dog Show in Long Beach, CA. Photo: Mary Bloom.

Myrna Milani, Veterinary Ethologist - TippingPoint,Inc. - Charlestown, NH: "I was delighted to hear Sue Bulanda's presentation at the first meeting of the International Society of Animal Behavior in 2005. Her extensive knowledge of her subject based on years of solid, real-world experience and study stands out at a time when so many often seek the quick fix and/or questionable short cuts when it comes to altering canine behavior. Her willingness to critically analyze the unique challenges to both human and animal as they endeavor to form a stable search and rescue team is truly refreshing and invaluable to those seeking to master these skills."

Liz Wilson, CVT IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant:
"I was fortunate to hear Sue Bulanda lecture at the IAABC's first annual conference in 2005. Her insights into animal behavior and the canine mind were nothing short of astonishing. Such a level of perception is rare - but additionally, Ms. Bulanda is a gifted speaker. I work with parrots, not dogs, but I find my  ethological depth perception deepens as I learn about the behaviors of all kinds of different creatures. Ms. Bulanda's talk broadened my understanding exponentially."

Harry, Lela and TEAM (The Mt. Mushers Educational/Therapy Team):
 "Our  three Hero Sled Dogs are ready to run any time - and ready to visit schools, libraries and senior homes and many special events. Lela and I really did enjoy Sue 's  program in Fairbanks. We wanted to learn as much as possible from such a great program, and it has helped  us as we do programs at schools, libraries and more."

Renee Premaza Dog Obedience Trainer, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant: "I had the pleasure of doing several interviews with Susan Bulanda while hosting a radio talk show called "Wednesday in the Doghouse"  on station WNJC-1360 AM in New Jersey.  Sue was my guest on a regular basis during 2001-2003.  She not only informed and educated my listening audience about dogs; I learned much from her as well.  Susan is not just an ordinary dog trainer.  She's also an Ethologist who has a solid understanding of why dogs do the things they do.  We talked about many topics, such as house-training, separation anxiety, aggression and how we humans inadvertently cause lots of stress and anxiety in our pets' lives.  She has been a strong influence on how I train dogs today, and for that I will always be indebted to her. Thank you Sue for your kindness and for being so generous with your time "in the Doghouse."

Kevin George, SARDAA: "I enjoyed your NASAR presentation; it was nice to listen to a presenter who is knowledgeable, and can provide the background to their work so nicely, allowing all levels of SAR students to gain from your lecture. I enjoyed it as well from the overview of the information that matched much of the format of your excellant book ' READY', which I suggest to all my seminar students as a guidebook to SAR. I wish you well in the future."

The Mt. Mushers Educational/Therapy Team

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