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Special services and other things that I have found valuable, helpful or otherwise worthwhile - I hope you will find them useful too!

Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission is an organization that helps people who cannot afford it, pay for emergency care for their pets. This is a great and worthwhile organization that deserves the support of all pet lovers.

Information: www.vefm.org - Blog at: http://vefm.blogspot.com


Book Reviews

Catscapades: Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats by Patricia Fry, published by Matilija Press, PMB 123, 323 E. Matilija St. Ste 110, Ojai, CA 93023, ISBN: 0-9773576-3-5, www.matilijapress.com/catscapades. E-book: $8.50; bound- $14.00

Ms. Fry shares her many years of experience owning cats. There are twelve sections to the book which cover all aspects of living with a cat. She explains how she became involved with cat rescue, what she learned from her cats, and organizes the rest of the book by cat characteristics. The sections are throw-away cats, cat rescue, adventuring cats, heroic cats, uncat-like behavior in cats, catty communication, cats as companions, healing cats, library cats, working class cats, and, lastly, the rainbow bridge.

I found this book very refreshing. The author told us what the cats did and the circumstances that prompted their behavior rather than try to tell us what the cats were thinking. Many of the cat adventures were enlightening and entertaining. Even though I have owned and worked with many cats, there were accounts in this book that I have never seen. There are many great color photos of the cats mentioned in the book. This is a delightful and fun to read book. I highly recommend it.


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