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Larry and Sue Bulanda, with their dog Scout
and other unit members, at the Limerick tornado.

Larry and Susan Bulanda, who formed and ran Coverntry Canine Search and Rescue, (CCSAR) and Phoenixville FD K-9 SAR (PFDFDK-9SAR) are retired. Larry and Susan work on a consulting basis and Susan is on the Advisory committee for the National Search Dog Alliance. Visit the NSDA site

Spirit and Grace are two Cadaver Dogs, trained by Vi Hummel Carr, who initiated this very important program in Texas

Sue, with Ness and Scout Ness was the first Border Collie to work SAR in the USA. Scout was a famous Beauceron, the first Beauceron to do Search & Rescue in the United States.

A young Grace takes a Flower Break - even
serious working dogs need some fun!
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