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Help In Finding Lost Dogs

What To Do IF You Find a Lost Dog


Vacation time is a risky time for dogs. If your dog runs away, an identification tag on your dog's collar is the best way to get your dog back. The tag should have the following information on it in this order: Your dog's name, "If lost please call": (your number with the area code) or local police. This way if your dog is lost outside your area, you can notify the local police. The person who finds your dog can also call the police. While you are looking for your dog, the police can receive a phone call. If you have a phone answering machine, know how to use your remote access. This way you can check your home number to see if anyone calls with information about your dog. Do not rely on the license tag or the rabies tag for identification. Those people are not at their jobs on weekends, at night and are not a reliable source of information about your lost dog. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you plan to travel with your dog, you can avoid loss by being sure that:

1) Your dog is restrained in your car either by a crate or seat belt for dogs. This will prevent the dog from escaping from the car while you gas up or open the door to take him for a walk;
2) You put a temporary tag on your dog that lists the phone number of where you will be staying;

3) Your dog's collar and leash fit properly so that your dog cannot slip away or break a leash;

4) You never tie your dog up while you go swimming or partake in other summer activities. Instead, arrange to safely board your dog for a day or so while you picnic or swim.



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