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Medicating Our Pets

Giving a cat a pill:
One person holds the rear end of the cat, another restrains the front, while still another tries to pry the cat’s mouth open and pop a pill down its throat without getting bitten. The cat is most likely howling, trying to scratch with all four paws and going through every type of contortion physically possible. What are the chances that the cat will swallow the pill? Nil. Worse, the cat knows that you will try again and increases his efforts to avoid the situation. Imagine trying to give the cat a pill alone?

Giving a dog a pill:
Little Poochie can detect the slightest crumb of medicine hidden in its food or treat. Poochie has become an expert at eating everything, except of course the pill, which is left on the floor without even a drop of saliva on it. Just like the cat, now Poochie knows you are on the "make me take the medicine" quest. The element of surprise is lost.

Other pets:
Many small pets such as guinea pigs and birds cannot be restrained without risking injury when it is necessary to give them medications. These pets might become very frightened by the process of taking medications. In some cases, a pet might need vitamins or other maintenance drugs on a daily basis. Worse, your pet can learn not to trust you. But this whole scenario can be avoided.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. A number of companies make medications in ways that allow a pet to be given the medicine it needs without a fight, restraint or other emotional or physical trauma.

They can take any type of medicine and put it into the following forms:

Oral liquids
Eye/ear drops and ointments
Dusting powders
Transdermal Gels

It is easy to see how medicine in one of these forms will make giving them to your pet much easier. Most of the pharmacies that make custom medicines will ship anywhere in the U.S.,so you do not need one close by to benefit from this alternative. Be sure to look into different companies, but for your convenience here is a link to one of them.

Professional Compounding Center, at Kaye’s Pharmacy: www.kayespharmacy.com  - Phone: 1-800-673-827


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