Month: December 2016

Scientists Discover that there may be double the number of bird species than originally estimated

Bird watching is a fun hobby no matter what season it is. Winter bird watching has its advantages since more birds are attracted to feeders. It is also easier to spot them without leaves on trees if you live in an area where the seasons change.


There is a new challenge for bird watchers according to a recent study by the American Museum of Natural History’s Department of Ornithology. They have reported that there are many more species of birds then originally determined.

In the past studies showed that there were about 10,000 species of birds, however a new study determined that there could be almost double the number of bird species. Previously birds were typed according to how they looked and if they were able to interbreed. But when scientists studied them according to their physical characteristics such as plumage pattern and color, they discovered that there were more species than previously thought, up to double the number of species.

This gives bird watchers a lot more to look for and possibly scientists the fun of coming up with new names for the new species. Life is always full of surprises!–+ScienceDaily%29

Stinkin Thinkin How to Change It

Stinkin Thinkin: How to Change It, What Every Christian Should Know by Sarah Calhoun, Debbie McEvoy and Jennifer Radocci. Illustrations by Sarah Calhoun and Jennifer Radocci. 47 pgs, ISBN: 978-0-9859678-1-9, $16.95.


This is a very interesting flip page book that is a good teaching aid for young adults as well as adults. It has 14 lessons that deal with the following: Mind Full of the Lord, Worry, Confession, Anger and Out of Control, Confession, Fear and More Worry, Selfishness, No Compassion for Others, Mind Full of Sins, Judge Yourself, Will He or Won’t He? Yes! Tell God Your Sins, Help Lennis Finish His Prayer, Mind Full of the Lord.

This is a very simple book that will help young people recognize and deal with their emotions. The main character is Lennis, and the pictures illustrate him experiencing all of the emotions listed above. One page shows pictures of Lennis, the back page provides questions about the picture to help the reader work through the emotions/situations that Lennis is experiencing. For example, one side of the Worry page has a box with the following questions: Identify the clues that show something bad has happened. What do you think the storm cloud represents? What is Lennis’ mind becoming full of instead of pleasing God and using His word? What does God tell us in this Bible verse about anxiety or worry? How can Lennis change his thinking back to pleasing God and using His Word? Next to the box is 1 Peter 5:7 “casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”

This is an excellent book to use in youth ministries. A teacher can show the picture to the children while asking the questions on the flip page. It is also good for a parent to use at home with their children.